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Life Skill Foundation

Life skill foundation was founded in the year 2005 to provide high quality in house and community based educational and social services to all in Sri Lanka . We are a non profit organization that exists to reach out to the  hurting. We want to help individuals break free from behavior that can cause strained, broken, or abusive relationships.

Our services are designed to assist children, adults, and families in need of assistance.

Life skill foundation maintains a professional staff whose training and experience allows them to assist in a wide variety of challenging      situations. All interventions are based on individual assessments.    

We seek to turn negative patterns around  and to teach skills to promote growth. We teach the individuals the reasons for behaviors without placing guilt or blame, showing each individual dignity and respect as they go through the healing process.

Over the years Life skill foundation has developed programs designed to meet the need for individualized services to the Srilankan society.


Study on children’s Self-esteem Done by Kalubowila Teaching Hospital, Year 2004]

Study shows present family and school environment is not satisfactory developing children’s self-esteem. Poor knowledge on youth behavior and attitudes of teachers and parents has been contributed to cause low self-esteem in Children. Those are-Poor communication skills.Poor acceptance for the children Poor role model Poor appreciation Knowledge about adolescent behavior by parents and teachers are poor It has been convinced after lot of research in youth, that low self-esteem in children correlated with depression, unsafe sex, criminal activity, learning disabilities and drug abuse. .


“Developing child’s personality to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society, in short, new ways of living”


To create a sober society free of violence where children can be lived both physically and mentally healthy.


Resourceful Panel Services are provided by Life Skills Foundation which consists of educational experts, psychiatrists, and psychologists

It is expected to organize teacher-oriented psychological course with help of top professionals in the country. At the conclusion of the study course an examination will be held and certificates awarded to those who are successful